Port Folio

Here is a selection of Project i have been made and/or been involved in.

Division 2 Raidhelper

This is a relative simple tool to aid in Iron Horse raid in The Division 2, Features NATO Alphabet from A-P (for use at Williams - boss 3), And Screens (for use at Feiser - boss 2), Idendifying Screens by partial, full codes and numeric identifiers

The Project: Division 2 Raidhelper
Game Website: The Division 2


This is a Site made for the Ultima Online Guild of Danish Knuckleheads, This is considered a hobby project but can display some of my abilities in scripting and alternative yet stylish design, Dark Themes are picked due to relevance to the game and the genre in general..

The Project: www.knuckleheads.dk
Game Website: www.uo.com

Planetside 2 Dynamic Signatur

This is a signature generator, for Planetside 2, which provides dynamically updated forum signatures containing character stats from the game.

The Project: ps2.gilsweb.com - Banner example
Game Website: planetside2.com


This single page landing page, was designed for a Facebook group of the same name.

The Project: bxclub.dk
The group: facebook.com

EVE Storyline Tracker

This is a tool for EVE Online to help keep track of triggered storyline missions, by doing regular missions.

The project: eve.timers.dk
Game Website: eveonline.com


This single page landing page was created, to lure players to Ultima Online. The project: ultimaonline.dk
Game Website: uo.com