Get Help When Your Tech Misbehave

Using this page you can request technical assistance, being it with your computer, accesories (ie. printers), internet, network (ie. wi-fi) or similar. This service is a voluntary service from my part. And is, by default, free of charge.

Potential problems you are facing

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I use TeamViewer for providing remote support, it requires no installation (run without installation upon executing), inform me of your ID and Pin once we have realtime contact. For more information about TeamViewer, check their website.
Download TeamViewer i fuld version Download TeamViewer

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You may also mail me direct at, or write to me on Facebook

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I will always keep you personal data from prying eyes.
i will never share your persoal data with third party, without your explicit permission.

E-mail must be one i can reach you with, We can organize voice communication (or other real-time method of communication), once we make contact.

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Please specify, to the best of your abilities, what you have issues with.
What have you tried? Anything else i should know?
Please specify what you have tried, and other information that can seem relavant, to the issue at hand.
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For certain cases i may not be able to assist with your issues, Primarily when the solution, requires physical access, to the source of the issue. I will however gladly provide advice, on how to proceed from there, to get a third party involved.